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"There is no honour in killing."
--Kurdish Womens Action Against Honour Killings
"Violence against women is always a violation of human rights; it is a crime. Let us take this issue with the deadly seriousness that it deserves."
--Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary General
"The right to life of women…is conditional on their obeying social norms and traditions."
--Hina Jilani, Pakistani lawyer and women’s rights activist
"Women's Rights Are Human Rights."
--Hillary Clinton
"5000 women die every year in honour killings perpetrated by family members."
--United Nations
"The purpose of honor crimes is to maintain men's power by denying women basic rights to make autonomous decisions about marriage, divorce and sexuality."


  • 5000 honour killings internationally per year.
  • 1000 honour killings occur in India
  • 1000 honour killings occur in Pakistan
  • 12 honour killings per year in  UK


So-called ‘honour’-based violence (HBV) occurs in communities where the concepts of honour and shame are fundamentally bound up with the expected behaviours of families and individuals, particularly those of women.  Read more here



Our library includes specially collated Honour Based Violence research materials, suggested books, films, reports and media articles for your attention.

HBVA is an international digital resource centre working to advance understanding and awareness of Honour Killings and Honour Based Violence through research, documentation and information for professionals who may encounter individuals at risk. HBVA builds and promotes a network of experts, activists, and NGOs from around the world, establishing international partnerships to facilitate greater collaboration and education.


  • Nazir Afzal, OBE - Part 1

    2009 interview with Chief Crown Prosecutor and HBVA expert who has led the effort to raise awareness of honour based violence and develop strategies across Government and share best practise across the world.

  • Anne-Marie Hutchinson

    Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE is an English solicitor, who represents victims and potential victims of forced marriage.