Cast & crew of film based on honour killing visit city

The cast and crew of upcoming movie ‘Rubba Maaf Kareen’, based on honour killing, visited the city on Tuesday to promote it.

Filmmaker Avtar Bhogal, who makes movies on social issues, has directed the movie which will hit the theatres on April 4. The lead cast of the movie features newcomers Zara Sheikh and Sundeep Singh.

Veteran actors Gulshan Grover, Prem Chopra and Tom Alter have also played pivotal roles in the movie which also has a foreign face Chloe Wicks.

¬†Music director Uttam Singh has composed music for this film while lyrics have been given by Dev Kohli. Harjinder Singh is the producer of ‘Rubba Maaf Kareen’.

Bhogal said, “Set in UK, the storyline revolves around three friends- an Indian, a Pakistani and an Englishman. The story progresses with an Indian and a Pakistani falling in love. This is where the problems between the friends begin and the friendship turns bitter. Despite advice from the British friend, the elders of the Indian and the Pakistani families remain rigid and do not accept the love of their children. Eventually the children elope.”

“The movie tries to answer the contentious question of whether honour killing is the end to justify the means,”Bhogal added.

“Through the film, I would like to take forward a humble request to our society to wake up and realise that we need to be aware of cultural sensitivities. No doubt honour is important but does it justify the killing of a human being solely for the purpose of honour?”

When asked that issue-based movies do not do well in the box-office in Bollywood, Bhogal said, “Cinema from time immemorial have been associated with entertainment but issue based movies find its niche with its selected audience.”

“But in this movie, I have ensured that entertainment is coupled with the social menace to send across a message simultaneously.”
Tom Alter, on being asked about the reason to take up the role, said, “Honour killing is a shameful act. On rare occasions I have come across an instance where a boy is killed for honour.”

“I have picked up the role as I do not want to see the movie just go down well so easily with the viewers, instead it shall create some sort of disturbance which would propel them to think and then act on the menace and help alienate it completely from the society. The basic human tendency is not to respect things that they easily acquire,”Alter added.

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