Deaf and dumb girl killed for honour

Lucknow, Apr 17, 2012, DHNS :

When Sha-rif told his 20-year-old daughter Rehana that he was  taking her to her aunt’s home a few miles away, in last July, the deaf and dumb girl had no idea that it was going to be her last journey and that her father would turn her killer.

Rehana’s brother Sahil too accompanied them.

A few days later, Rehana’s body was recovered from a canal near Kadinagar village in Barabanki district, about 40 kilometres from here. The post- mortem examination revealed cut marks on her neck and that she was eight months pregnant.

As the girl could be not identified despite the best efforts of the local police, the body was cremated as unclaimed. The police published the victim’s photograph in the newspapers but nobody came forward to identify her.

Justice was done to Rehana nine months after she was brutally hacked to death. A man from Sharif’s village, also in Barabanki district, on Monday, identified the victim from the photograph.

The police investigation revealed that Rehana, who was deaf and dumb since birth, was pregnant.

Her parents had approached doctors for `medical termination of pregnancy’ (MTP) but they refused as it was too late and abortion would have been risky.

Shairf and his son Sahil then hatched a conspiracy to kill Rehana. They took her out on the pretext of taking her to her aunt’s home. The duo took an unsuspecting Rehana near a canal and hacked her to death with a sharp-edged weapon.

They later dumped her body in the canal. The father-son duo has been arrested and they have confessed to the killing.

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