(Dis)Honor Killings in Pakistan

A man in Gujranwala slit throats of his wife and two teenage daughters after suspecting them of dubious character.

The seriously injured lady told police her husband was a drug addict, and tried to kill her and daughters accusing them of being of bad character.

The three victims were rushed to DHQ Hospital in critical condition, while the culprit, identified as Abdul Hameed, was arrested. –


A local panchayat (unofficial jury), headed by an influential landlord, ordered killing of a woman in the name of ‘honour’ here [Daharki] on Wednesday.

The panchayat also ordered to give two minor daughters of a man, charged for having illicit relations with the woman, as vani to the other party.

Vani is traditional custom in rural areas of the country wherein girl, from a family of male accused of crimes, are forcibly married to a man of the rival group.

The landlord also imprisoned the accused in his private jail. The panchayat also ruled to kill minor girls, 10-year-old Zubaida and seven-over-old Abida, if they were not handed over to the landlord in three days.

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