Family kills girl for having inter-caste affair

Jalgaon, India: In a suspected case of honour killing, a 19-year-old girl was allegedly strangled to death by her father, uncle and grandmother, in Jalgaon, Maharashtra, for reportedly having a relationship with a neighbour who, the family says, belonged to a different caste.

Manisha, the victim, was strangled to death on the night of March 12, as she lay asleep. Her body was dumped around 30 km away. The incident came to light only now as the police, upon finding the body had cremated it, as no one came to claim it.

Manisha’s father confessed to the crime and said that the family decided to murder her after her plans to elope with the boy were known.

He added that to evade police suspicion, he even filed a missing persons complaint.

IBN Live

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