Honour Killing – a story of love and religion

Honour Killing a humble request to our society to wake up and realize that we need to be involved rather then be safe on grounds of cultural sensitivities.

There are three friends, a sardar, Pathan and English man (born and brought up in India). They are thick friends with staunch beliefs of their own, but being secular and living in the UK, they celebrate each others festivals. They share a strong friendship with their families.

The Englishman has a daughter. The Pathan has 2 daughters. The Sardar has a son. Sunny who is the Sardar’s son comes to the UK for further studies. the parents have little time for their children as they are busy with their own lives. However they do indulge their children and try to fulfill their demands. The Englishman’s daughter is about to get married in a church. His asian friends get together to do the Asian functions of Gidha, Bidai (Indian Cultural Heritage). Sunny and Sameera, the Pathan’s daughter, meet for the first time and cupid strikes.

What happens next is the crux of the story…

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