Honour killing: Girl’s father and uncle invite her lover home, beat him to death

Jaipur: In a shocking honour killing incident, girl’s relatives laid a trap to murder her lover. Girl’s father invited the boy to his house making him to believe that they wanted to sort out the dispute. But, on his reaching the house, girl’s relatives allegedly beat him up to death. Then, girl’s father and uncle hid the dead body under the bed and went absconding. When the boy side came to know about the news the immediately rushed to girl’s house but were shooed away. Later they approached police at Jamwa Ramgarh police station.

According to police boy’s side had come to terms with this relationship but girl’s side objected to such a union.

Victim Mahesh Saini, 21, had planned to marry the girl in court on May 2.  Mahesh’s father Nauram finally agreed for the marriage but girl’s father Babulal continued raising his objections.

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