Honour killing: Man kills wife over suspicious of illicit relations

SUKKAR: A man killed his wife in the name of honour by declaring her Kari.

Husband has killed wife in the name of owner near Salihpat, Police has failed the attempt of the murderer to burry the corpse.

According to details, in Kilwarah village of Salihput a person Qadir Baksh Shanbani killed her young wife on the suspicion of having an affair with a young man of their area.

Qadir Baksh after killing his wife tried to bury her corpse however the police timely reached the site and foiled his attempt. However Qadir Baksh managed to flee.

Police took the body into custody and shifted to relevant hospital of Roheri for post mortem.

Police handed over the corpse to the family members after post mortem and registered a case against the accused.

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