‘Honour’ killing : Man shoots wife


In an alleged case of honour killing, a man gunned down his wife in Shonyal Sar, Shangla on Sunday.

An official of Karorah police, Muhammad Saras Khan said the incident occurred at 3am in the morning. According to Saras, Babar*, brother of the deceased, claimed that his sister, Mumtaz*, had been killed by her husband, Hamayun*.

The police raided the house and arrested the accused. During the investigation, Hamayun confessed to the murder and said he did it because he thought she was involved with his brother.

The accused told the police that three years ago he went to Saudi Arabia for work and when he returned he found out that the two of them were involved. Hamayun left for Saudi Arabia again and a month later learnt that his wife was pregnant. When he asked his wife about it, she confessed.

The accused returned to Shangla on Saturday and went to his house to kill Mumtaz.

*Names have been changed to protect identities.

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