Honour killing near Sankarankoil

The Karivalamvanthanallur police are on the lookout for a few persons suspected to be behind the killing of a person in the district on Friday.

Police said V. Sankar Ganesh (26) of Vannivelampatti under Peraiyur police station limits in Madurai district, who was working as a pharmacist of Srivilliputtur Government Hospital, married K. Devi (25) of the nearby Thalavaipuram, employed as a nurse in a hospital at Villupuram. Since Devi belonged to a different community, there was stiff resistance from her family. Sankar used to receive threat calls, allegedly from his wife’s brother Jayakumar.

After a while, Jayakumar gave Sankar the impression that he had forgotten the animosity and invited him to Thalavaipuram for dinner in the temple. When Sankar told Devi about the invitation, she asked him not to attend the dinner at the temple. However, he chose to visit his in-law’s native to mend the strained relations.

When Sankar went to Thalavaipuram on Thursday, Jayakumar and a few others took him to a secluded place and allegedly murdered him.

The matter came to light when passers-by saw the body with multiple cuts. The Karivalamvanthanallur police sent the body to Sankarankovil government hospital for post-mortem.

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