In ‘honour’…: Husband kills wife, her alleged lover

CHARSADDA: In an apparent case of ‘honour’ killing, a man murdered his wife and her alleged lover in Yousaf Khan Kallay, Charsadda on Wednesday.

According to Mandani police official Raza Muhammad, Nihar Ali told  the authorities his neighbour Sartaj Khan had been visiting his house in his absence. Ali claimed he had told Khan to not come over when he was not home, however, Khan did not listen.

Ali left home on Tuesday and told his wife Bashmina that he would not return till late night. He added upon his return home at midnight, Ali allegedly found Bashmina and Khan in an objectionable state after which he attacked them with an axe. He then picked up a pistol and killed them.

Police official Muhammad shared Ali came to the police station after the incident and turned himself in along with the axe and pistol.

A case was filed against the accused, while the families of the deceased did not file FIRs.


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