Man fleeing forced marriage jumps off from airport lounge

CHENNAI: Under pressure to marry a woman against his wishes, a 27-year-old man tried to escape his family, but missed his flight to Singapore. Dejected, he tried to kill himself by jumping off a deck of the airport lounge, and ended up with a fractured leg.

Police said Murugan, a native of Vellore, reached the Chennai airport on Tuesday morning, after fleeing his relatives. Murugan, who was working in Singapore, had come on a vacation when his family made arrangements for his marriage. “He was evidently running away back to his workplace,” said a policeman. “His family followed him to the airport and, till he entered the airport, kept pestering him to call off his journey and get married to the woman of their choice.”

Murugan managed to escape and went to the airport, but was too late for his flight. Informed that his flight had left, he attempted suicide by jumping off the departure lounge. Falling about 15 feet and landing on a tiled floor, he fractured his right leg and suffered bruises. He was rushed to the airport hospital.

Police said Murugan was being forced by his relatives to call off his journey. However, Murugan was adamant and there was a heated argument between him and his relatives. After finding that he had missed his flight, he jumped from the first floor.

After first aid, he was taken to the Government General Hospital for further treatment and his condition is said to be stable. Police are questioning the family. Passengers at the airport waiting to board their flights were shocked to see the man jump.

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