Man hacked to death in India ‘honour killing’

A 20-year-old Indian man has been hacked to death, allegedly by members of his girlfriend’s family, police in the state of Uttar Pradesh say.

Police said they were treating the killing of the man, known only as Subhash, as an “honour killing”.

His girlfriend’s mother and brother were arrested, while a third relative is still wanted, officials said.

Those in custody have admitted to the killing, police told media, but they have made no public comment yet.

The attack took place on Sunday night in the Basti district.

Body parts scattered

“Subhash was in love with the girl. He wanted to marry her. But the girl’s family wasn’t agreeable,” police officer JP Verma told BBC Hindi.

Subhash, from Chautana, had gone to visit the girl in a neighbouring village, when he was caught by the girl’s mother scaling the wall of their house, the Times of India reported.

She called her son, Kanhaiya, and his cousin and the three are accused of hacking Subhash to death before scattering his body parts in a field on the outskirts of the village, reports say.

Kanhaiya was arrested when the girl involved called Subhash’s uncle Raj Kishore, who reported the incident to police.

“Subhash wanted to talk to the girl’s family, but he was not given the opportunity,” Raj Kishore told the BBC.

Officers said the girl’s mother and brother had admitted to the killing.

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