Man kills teen daughter for dating 'low caste' boy

The accused banged the 19-year-old girl’s head repeatedly against the wall when he found her meeting his 21-yr-old paying guest secretly at night, against his wishes.

In a fit of rage, a man killed his 19-year-old daughter in Govandi on Sunday, for having slighted his ‘honour’ by involving herself in a romantic affair with a paying guest who hailed from a ‘lower caste’. Cops said that soon after the murder, the accused tried to mislead investigators by misinforming doctors and cops that the girl had succumbed to tuberculosis.

According to the police, the deceased, 19-year-old Tabassum Khatun, was involved in a romantic relationship with her father’s paying guest Imran Khan (21), for the past four months. The two had expressed their desire to get married to Khatun’s parents, who were dead against the idea, as they considered that Khan was from a lower caste.

On Sunday night, Khan sneaked out of his room and went down the stairs for a covert meeting with Khatun, while everyone in the house slept.
However, Khatun’s father Mohammad Kitabuddin Abdul Gafur Shah, was woken, and caught the two red-handed in the middle of their clandestine meeting.

Furious, Kitabuddin banged the girl’s head against the wall repeatedly till she fell unconscious. The next morning, Khatun was taken to Rajawadi hospital, where Kitabuddin claimed that the girl had died from TB. Khatun’s mother said, “Imran had come to our house at night when everyone was asleep. My husband saw both of them together and in a fit of rage he beat up my daughter and she died on the spot.”

R S Agrawal, senior police inspector of Shivaji Nagar police station, said, “Kitabuddin said that when he woke up in the next morning and roused the girl, he found that she was unconscious and was rushed to Rajawadi hospital. Only when we performed an autopsy did we find that the victim had died from a head injury. When the accused was detained for misleading the investigation, he confessed to the crime.” Kitabuddin has been booked under Section 302 (murder), 201(causing disappearance of evidence of offence) of IPC.” Imran hailed from Bihar and was unemployed. He is now absconding.

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