Tunisians protest in solidarity with 13-year-old who was burned to death in honor killing

A Tunisian man has been accused of burning his 13-year-old daughter on 28 May in the Tunis suburb of Cite Ibn Khaldoun because she was walking home from school with a male class mate. The young girl named Aya succumbed to the fourth-degree burn wounds on 7 June after a nine-days-fight in hospital.

The incident has been framed an “honor killing” – a crime committed when a family member is considered to have brought shame on the family – and Aya’s father has been arrested. Unlike in many other countries across the region these crimes are “almost unheard of” in Tunisia, reports Tunisia Live.

Shocked by the case human rights activists have called on better news coverage of the incident and a silent solidarity march in her memory will be held on Thursday. The Facebook event, “Aya, Voice of the Victim,” called on Tunisians to denounce her death and honor killings.According to the event page almost 3000 will mobilize against a crime the page denounced as “a sign of a sick and suffering society,” which it stated “demonizes the female gender.”

A Facebook page, “I Too Was Abused” has been created in solidarity with Aya’s cause and against gender based violence and the Twitter hashtag #moi_aussi_j_ai_été_violentée (“I too was abused”) encourages women to raise their voice against all forms of violence.
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