The HBV AWARENESS NETWORK international Experts & Partners are:






Farwha Nielsen

Csross-cultural consultant and mediator. Farwha provides assistance and expertise to to the Danish National Police (Rigspolitiet) to help victims of honour-based violence in a sustainable way. She has developed a cross-cultural dialogue method, which she has used to help the victims achieve their goals, her method requires close collaboration between different professionals such as police officers, social workers, teachers and so on. Farwha teaches different professionals in how to deal with honour related issues nationally and internationally.  She has also written numerous articles on this topic, her aim having always been to inform the public about these issues while changing the stereotypical images of ethnic minorities in Denmark. Farwha’s book about the topic of HBV is being published in October 2011.


Serap Çileli

Author and human rights activist. She wrote “We are your daughters, not your honour” published in 1999. Serap has worked with over 300 cases of honour based violence and forced marriage.  For the many years of exceptional commitment to honour based violence and forced marriage Serap received the 2005 German Federal Cross of Merit award. Today she is a sought after expert and advisor in cases of Turkish women in need faced with honour based oppression.

Dietrich Oberwittler

Sociologist and research group leader at the Dept. of Criminology, Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law in Freiburg, Germany. His research interests include lethal violence in families and partnerships. He was the principal investigator of a large empirical study on honour killings in Germany between 1996 and 2005, published together with Julia Kasselt in 2011. Honour Killings In Germany


Provides protection and support to girls and young women of immigrant backgrounds, who are faced with threats of violence from their families.

Rahel Volz

Working for the womens’ rights organisation TERRE DES FEMMES since 2002 as head of department “honour crimes”. In 2003 she launched a campaign against forced marriages within Migrant communities in Germany.

Julia Kasselt

Jurist and criminologist, has been conducting research on honour killings in Germany at the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law in Freiburg, Germany, since 2008 and is currently writing her PhD thesis on the judicial response to honour killings in Germany. In 2011, Dietrich Oberwittler and Julia Kasselt published an empirical study on the phenomenon of honour killings in Germany.


Dr. Robert J. Ermers

Analyst and independent advisor to the police and other organisations in the Netherlands on the topic of HBV, including the police.  He is also regularly involved in juridical investigations and prosecutions, especially through the Dutch National Expert Center for Honour Related Violence (Landelijk ExpertiseCentrum Eergerelateerd Geweld), part of the Dutch Police Organisation.  Dr. Ermers is the author and co-author of two books on honour related violence in Dutch.  He is currently working on an English book on this topic.

Margreet de Boer

(Projects on Women’s Rights/Rights4Change) is an expert on the legal aspects of Violence Against Women and Honour related violence; both within domestic (Dutch) law and in the context of international law (human rights).

Jannie C. Limburg

Educates practitioners such as police and teachers in Utrecht about Honour Based Violence.



The Netherlands centre for social development. Its mission is to promote the participation and independence of citizens by supporting and advising professional organizations, volunteer organizations and government institutions. Member of the team ‘Combating Domestic and Sexual Violence’.

MOVISIE honour based violence experts are:

Hanneke Felten. Speciality area, teenagers, LGBT victims of honour related violence
Hilde Bakker. Speciality area: cooperation in the support of victims and dealing with perpetrators.
Jenny Van Eyma.  Speciality area: inclusion of isolated communities, peer to peer projects.

Patricia Gerrits

(Director of Onder Ogen BV strategy and communication).

Former program manager of the national approach of the Dutch government and policy advisor at the Integration department. Advisor on honour related violence specialised in building networks among professionals, policy makers and representatives of minority organisations.



Unni Wikan

Author and professor of social anthropology at University of Oslo.  Wrote the 2003 book For ærens skyld – Fadime til ettertanke (For the sake of honour: Reflections on Fadime).

Anja Bredal

Senior Researcher at Institute for Social Research, Oslo, Norway. With a specific focus on ethnic minorities, gender and generation, family, arranged marriages, forced marriages, public policies, welfare state. Anja has written several papers and research reports in Norwegian about violence against minority women, forced marriage and honour based violence.

Terje Bjøranger

Works as an assistant chief of police in Romerike policedistrict in Norway where he handles honour related issues predominantly related to forced marriages. Terje started his career working in child welfare service subsequently working as senior advisor in the Norwegian directorate of Immigration. Terje participates in an expert group established and headed by the policedirectorate, representing various police districts and departments in Norway, and deals with education, best practice end developing national guidelines for officers and caseworkers handling honour related cases. Terje is also the author of the Norwegian book “The third sister” which addresses honour killings.


Lasse Johansson

Leader of the “Institut Against Honour related oppression” (IMH) and the ” Center for Multicultural Familywork”(CMF).

Counsellor for youth, families and social workers in questions of honour related oppression and violence. Lasse developed and wrote “Five steps” – methods to change in families where children are victims of honour related oppression.  His specialty is working with schools, working with families with children at risk and provides knowledge on all the work in general against honour related oppression in Sweden. www.institutetmothedersfö

Astrid Schlytter

(Department of Social Work, Stockholm University)

has researched and written about honour based violence extensively making her among the leading authorities on this topic in Sweden.

Devin Rexvid

Conducted research on honoure-related violence and oppression. The focus of his research has been the link between masculinity and honour, and how these two phenomena interact with each other. Problematization of honour-based traditions performance in modern contexts, has been central to his research. As a social worker Devin worked directly with individuals who have been victims of violence and oppression. Devin also lectures on HBV for professional groups who come into contact with vulnerable individuals at risk of Honour Based Violence.

Dr. Suruchi Thapar-Björkert

Held a lectureship and a senior lectureship at the Department of Sociology at University of Bristol (2000-2010). Currently,  Dr. Thapar-Björkert is an Associate Professor at the  Department of Government, University of Uppsala. Her research interests focus on four main areas: 1) gender, nationalism and colonialism; 2) the political economy of gendered violence; 3) qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and 4) ethnicity, social capital and social exclusion.

Mikael Thörn

Inspector at National Board of Health and Welfare. Speciality:  The work on honour related violence carried out by social welfare institutions.

Mikael Thörn has has since the 90s worked in social services with victims of honour related violence  and oppression. He has written manuals  for the social services and their work with honour related violence, as well as working for the County Administrative Bord of Västra Götaland with education and support for social services.
In collaboration with Lasse Johansson,  Mikael  has developed and written  the “Five-steps- metods of change in families where children are victims of honour related violence and oppression.


Prof. Dr. Yakin Erturk

(Member, Council of Europe Committee on the Prevention of Torture)

Professor of sociology, Middle East Technical University, Ankara  Former UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women

Ayse Onal

Award-winning journalist and author. She is the author of two books, winner of fourteen Turkish National Press Awards and the International Women’s Media Foundation Courage in Journalism Award. Ayse is the author of the 2008 book Honour Killing: Stories of Men Who Killed.

Recep Doğan

Recep Doğan graduated from Ankara University, Department and School of Law, in 1997 and currently works as a legal advisor for the Ministry of Family and Social Policies in Turkey. After getting his LLM in child law degree from Keele University, he received his PhD in November 2010 from Keele University with his thesis “Honour Killings in Turkey: Culture, Subjectivism, and Provocation” that is the largest body of the research so far that reflects the voice of the perpetrators who committed murder in the name of honour and discusses the recent changes in the English law of provocation put into force by the Coroners and Justice Act 2009.

His works were mainly published in such peer reviewed journals as Homicide Studies, Punishment & Society and Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs. He currently conducts research on female perpetrators who committed murder in the name of honour and on the treatment of minorities in Swedish Criminal Courts.

Zozan Özgökçe Van Women’s Rights Organisation, Turkey.


United Kingdom——————————–

Joanne Payton

(Co-founder of HBVA)

Conducting PhD research of ‘honour’ based violence occuring in Middle Eastern families in the UK at Cardiff University, with funding from the Economic and Social Research Council Joanne also works with Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation and International Campaign Against Honour Killings.

Mr. Brent Hyatt

Investigated the Heshu Yones honour killing case in London 2001. He is considered one of the foremost authorities and experts on honour based violence in the UK.

Diana Nammi

Director and Founder of London-based charity Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (IKWRO ) which provides advice and support to Iranian, Kurdish, Arab, Turkish and Afghan women who are affected by domestic violence, forced marriage, FGM and “honour” killing.

Caroline Goode

Detective Chief Inspector of the Metropolitan Police. Led the investigation of the Banaz Mahmod case. She was responsible for the first ever extradition from Iraq to the UK. Was given the Queen’s Police Medal for her exemplary work leading the investigation.

Palbinder Singh

Chairperson of The Metropolitan Police Sikh Association:

Nazir Afzal, OBE

Chief Crown Prosecutor.

Nazir is the UK’s leading prosecutor and has led the effort to raise awareness of honour based violence and develop strategies across Government and share best practise across the world.

Bingul Durbas

Bingul has a PhD in Sociology from the University of Sussex. Her doctoral research project explored gender based violence in the private sphere in Turkey, including honour based violence, and state responses to such crimes by examining the court’s interpretations of honour killings and the criminal justice system’s approaches and responses to them. She continues to work in areas of Gender, Violence, and state responses to gender based violence.

Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE

is an English solicitor, who acts for the victims of forced marriages and Honour Based Violence. Anne-Marie specialises in all aspects of domestic and international family law and the international movement of children. In particular she has expertise in international divorce forum and jurisdictional disputes on divorce, with particular expertise in international custody disputes, child abduction; the EU Regulation on jurisdiction in family matters.

John Austin

Former Labour MP 1992-2010 and 2009 rapporteur for Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men report for The Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe. The urgent need to combat so-called “honour crimes”

Clive Driscoll

DCI of the Specialist Crime Directorate at Metropolitan Police. Worked on the Surjit Athwal case in the UK.

Jasvinder Sanghera


Shahien Taj MBE

Shahien is the founder and Executive Director of the Henna Foundation. Shahien is experienced in both in Criminal & Family Court proceedings and regularly called upon to advise and assist in cases and matters’ relating to Forced Marriage and ‘Honour’ based Violence. In her capacity as an expert witness to date Shahien has been formally instructed in a number of Court proceedings to undertake specialist 360° HBV Risk Assessments including the reported case: A Chief Constable v A and others [2010] EWHC (Fam) 2438; The 360° HBV Risk Assessment framework has been developed through working “with” victims of ‘honour’ based violence and commended in the same reported case by the President of the Family Division.