Research and Reports

We will continue to collect and build on this library of existing research materials available about HBV internationally.


  • Can murders of women and girls be stopped?
    By Robert Kiener. © 2011 CQ Global Researcher Report
  • Men and Honour Related Violence
    By Suruchi Thapar-Björkert for norma | Nordic Journal for Masculinity Studies. Conversations across Borders: Men and Honour Related Violence in U.K. and Sweden 2009
  • Towards a Post-Patriarchal Gender Order
    By Dr. Yakın Ertürk: Confronting the universality and the particularity of violence against women for Sociologisk Forskning (National Sociological Journal of Sweden) 2009.
  • No Justice in Justifications
  • Violence against Women in the Name of Culture, Religion, and Tradition Author: Shaina Grei ff Editor: Rochelle Terman © 2010 The Global Campaign to Stop Killing and Stoning Women Women Living Under Muslim Laws

  • Turkey: Women Confronting Family Violence
    This report by by Amnesty International features cases of individual women who have suffered violence at the hands of their family and outlines a pattern of abuse and discrimination, forced early marriage, and are denied effective access to justice.
  • No Progress On Women’s Rights: Pakistan
    Report by Amnesty International reveals the Pakistani government has still not brought about the changes in the law and practice required to improve women’s rights. Details the many abuses still suffered by women particularly domestic violence and killings sanctioned under the zina law.