Botad firing: A high-profile case of honour killing?

The murder of realtor and petrol pump owner, Bharatsinh Vala in cold blood on Tuesday night could be murkier than it appears. Vala was shot dead at his office in Botad town of Bhavnagar district. Sources suggest that this could well be a case of honour killing. Officials said that based on the CCTV footage, .. read more

Man may get life for teen forced marriage

Cape Town – Abducted and forced into marriage before being raped several times – this is what happened to a 14-year-old girl at the hands of a Philippi man. On Monday morning – more than two years after the girl’s ordeal – Mvuleni Jezile, who was convicted for sexually assaulting the Eastern Cape teenager, is .. read more

Till death do us part: The forgotten US victims of forced marriage

Vidya Sri was a typical American teenager in the Queens borough of New York. She went to school, hung out with her friends and took dance classes. But all that changed when she was 18 and started dating her first real boyfriend, a sweet Irish Catholic boy. That was in 1987. Alarmed that Sri was .. read more

Forced marriage victims coerced into hard-to-detect immigration fraud

This is part three of a four-part series. Click at right for the other parts. It was supposed to be a family visit, a trip back to Pakistan to renew ties with the relatives she hadn’t seen since she was a child and her family immigrated to the United States. It was 2010, and Amina .. read more

Controversial forced marriage LCM passed

MSPs passed controversial plans to let the UK parliament make forced marriage a specific criminal offence in Scotland, with jail terms of up to seven years on 22 January 2014. 101 MSPs backed the plans with 4 abstentions. The vote followed a debate on the Legislative Consent Motion (LCM) on the UK Anti-social Behaviour, Crime .. read more

In ‘honour’…: Husband kills wife, her alleged lover

CHARSADDA: In an apparent case of ‘honour’ killing, a man murdered his wife and her alleged lover in Yousaf Khan Kallay, Charsadda on Wednesday. According to Mandani police official Raza Muhammad, Nihar Ali told  the authorities his neighbour Sartaj Khan had been visiting his house in his absence. Ali claimed he had told Khan to .. read more

‘Honour’ killing : Man shoots wife

SHANGLA: In an alleged case of honour killing, a man gunned down his wife in Shonyal Sar, Shangla on Sunday. An official of Karorah police, Muhammad Saras Khan said the incident occurred at 3am in the morning. According to Saras, Babar*, brother of the deceased, claimed that his sister, Mumtaz*, had been killed by her .. read more

Morocco amends controversial rape law

RABAT, Morocco (AP) — Morocco’s parliament on Wednesday unanimously amended an article in the penal code that had outraged people by allowing a rapist to escape prosecution if he married his underage victim. Article 475 of the penal code generated unprecedented public criticism about the case of Amina al-Filali, a 16-year-old girl who was forced .. read more

700 calls made to forced marriage charity in the Midlands

A charity which helps victims of forced marriage and honour abuse has started a pilot project at a school in Yorkshire, to help teachers spot the warning signs. Karma Nirvana was founded by Jasvinder Sanghera from Derby, after she was disowned by her family for refusing to marry. The charity receives calls for help from .. read more

Scotland should consider own forced marriage legislation say MSPs

The Scottish Government should consider if it could bring in its own legislation to criminalise forced marriage north of the border, a new report from MSPs has suggested. Holyrood’s Justice Committee wants Scottish ministers to consider if it would be practical for them to introduce legislation on the issue. The Scottish Government has already said .. read more