3 arrested in Odisha honour killing case

Police today arrested three brothers  for their alleged role in the sensational honour killing at Haldiapadar that had rocked Odisha.

The three brothers, who were on the run,  have been accused of hacking their sister Mami Nayak and her boyfriend Amar Naik to death at the latter’s house at Haldiapadar on the outskirts of the city late on Saturday night

The three have been identified as Nirajnan Nayak and his two brothers Kalu and Budha – all from Haladipadar.

The incident had taken place only hours before the 20-year old Mami was to be married off to a person chosen by her family against her wishes.

The girl’s family had thrown a dinner party on Saturday night ahead of her wedding to which her boyfriend as well as his family was also invited, sources said.

The girl, who was madly in love with her boyfriend fled her home and reached his house around midnight, after the feast was over.

As soon as the family members came to know about this, two bothers of the girl along with a relative reached the boy’s house at Haldiapadar on the outskirts of the city and asked her to return home.

The girl reportedly refused to oblige them and said she would marry none other than her boyfriend following which she and her lover were hacked to death.
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