honor oppression

Honour Killing Claims 19-yr-old Girl

NALGONDA: Two incidents of murder occurred in the district on Friday and Saturday: in the first incident, armed robbers killed a woman during a house burglary in Bibinagar town  on Friday night, while in the second incident, the parents of teenaged girl killed her to protect the family’s honour at Ganugabanda village of Thungathurty mandal. .. read more

Honour killing in Nalgonda

A teenaged woman, who married against the wishes of her parents, was hacked to death by her father at Ganugugonda of Tungaturthy mandal on Saturday morning, in what is being described as a case of honour killing by the police. The woman, B. Swapna (19), was lured by her father Lingamally, who told her that .. read more

Man smothers daughter to death in honour killing

THE reported suicide of a 16-year-old girl in Madurai district, Tamil Nadu, after she eloped with a youth has turned out to be a case of honour killing, Makkal Osaireported. Police arrested her father on the charge of smothering the girl to death with a pillow during her sleep. The incident came to light last Thursday .. read more

Youth arrested in honour killing case

Muzaffarnagar: A youth has been arrested for allegedly killing her sister in an honour killing case here, police said Tuesday. The accused identified as Intazar, was arrested yesterday after he confessed his crime. The pistol used by him for killing the victim was also recovered from his possession, DSP SP Sharma told reporters here. The .. read more

Imam sentenced to prison after 16-year-old girl denounces she was forced to marry

An imam has been sentenced by the courts for performing a marriage ceremony without using state papers and regulations in the eastern province of Bitlis. A 16-year-old girl, identified by local authorities as R.D., escaped from her home last year after being forced to marry a 17-year-old male in exchange for 12,000 Turkish Liras, daily .. read more

DNA test shows minor victim was forced to marry ‘wrong’ accused

Test shows father of her child to be arrested man in custody, while second accused whom she married is absconding in Saudi. The child born to a minor victim, who was allegedly gang-raped in June 2012 at Amboli, belongs to the accused arrested by the police, and not to the second accused whom she was .. read more

A forced bride: ‘We survive for each day’

When Lamung Bawk Din, 26, jumped out of her husband’s second-storey window, she had only one thought in her mind: “If I stay here any longer, I will go crazy.” This happened in 2008, and Bawk Din was 19 years old. As an ethnic Kachin woman from northern Shan State, one of several conflict zones .. read more

Culture or crime?

The ‘ukuthwala’ tradition of forced marriage continues to destroy young girls’ lives but some parents are fighting back by sending their daughters to safety far from home. As soon as their daughters turn 10, most parents in Loskop, KwaZulu-Natal, consider alternative homes for them, well away from the rural town. This drastic measure is as .. read more

A generation free from child marriage begins with each and every one of us

Real Open Opportunities for Transformation Support (ROOTS), an organisation based in Bindura, have added their voice to the fight against early and forced marriages in Zimbabwe. The launch of their campaign, Not Ripe for Marriage, comes at a time when the economic and socio-cultural conditions in Zimbabwe are leading to young girls being forced or getting .. read more

Britain urged to back new European treaty to protect victims of forced marriage, domestic violence and stalking

Britain is being heavily urged to ratify the Council of Europe’s new convention, which seeks to enforce much harsher measures to ensure the safety of female victims of forced marriage, sexual harassment, domestic violence and stalking. The new treaty, otherwise known as the Istanbul Convention because it was opened for signatures in the Turkish capital .. read more