Allahabad: Man ‘kills’ daughter, her boyfriend

In what is being termed as a case of honour killing, the body of a 19-year-old girl was found from a well at a village in Allahabad late Friday evening — a day after the girl’s father and others allegedly murdered her 25-year-old boyfriend, Raju Bhartiya.

The police have arrested the girl’s father, Jagdish Yadav, who has reportedly told the police that he killed his daughter, Sheela, as his “family honour” was at stake.

Station Officer (Mau Aima) Raj Kumar Sharma said: “Jagdish, a 50-year-old farmer, was arrested Saturday from the neighbouring Banka Jalalpur village. During initial interrogation, he has told us that he killed his daughter and threw her body in the well.”

Sheela had reportedly threatened to tell the police about Raju’s murder.

“This enraged Jagdish, who first beat her up till she fell unconscious. He then strangled her to death with his gamchha (towel). He then dumped the body in the well just outside his house past midnight,” said Sharma.

The police added that the people of Wajidpur village, which falls under Mau Aima police station, did not reveal that Jagdish was hiding in the village after he along with others had allegedly killed Raju who had come to meet Sheela Thursday afternoon.

“Jagdish’s family had put a lock on the main door, giving the impression that they have fled the village. However, it has now come to light that he was hiding somewhere near and that other villagers, also from his community, were helping him,” said Sharma.

Circle Officer (Soraon) Dr Ram Yash Singh said: “Sheela’s body was found Friday afternoon in a well. The villagers had noticed a pair of slippers lying near the well. When they looked inside, they saw the girl’s body. The police was informed. The body was brought out and its identity was established late in the evening.”

Jagdish, however, told the police that his three sons, one of whom was a minor, were not involved in either of the killings, as they were not in the village. His three sons are named in the FIR registered in connection with Raju’s murder. “He claims they are all in Delhi. We are verifying his claims,” said Sharma.

Raju and Sheela had eloped around Holi and were found at a relative’s place in Ghazipur by Sheela’s family members. They had then brought Sheela to their home and ensured she did not venture out unaccompanied, the police said.

Raju and Sheela had come close when the latter was living in the house of her maternal uncle and pursuing her studies.


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