Girl’s father ‘kills’ youth for honour in Karnal village

KARNAL: In yet another suspected case of honour killing in Haryana, a 21-year-old boy was allegedly killed in a village of Karnal district by father of the girl he loved. Ravinder, a resident of Kutail village near Gharounda town, was allegedly killed since they were from different caste.

Sources said that Ravinder loved a 20-year-old Muslim girl in his neighbourhood. The incident was exposed when victim’s father Desraj filed a police complaint about his son being missing since December 13. A case of kidnapping had been registered under Section 365 of IPC on December 14. Sources said that during investigation, they questioned accused Adib, who confessed that he had killed Ravinder and thrown his body into Awardhan canal, after he learnt that the victim had an affair with his daughter. The youth’s body has not been traced as yet and police said that efforts are on.

The agitated relatives and friends of the victim damaged three houses belonging to the girl’s family in Kutail, and a religious structure nearby also suffered damages. Police rushed to the place to get situation under control.

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