Homicide: Six killed over ‘honour’ in separate incidents

GILGIT: At least six people lost their lives in two separate cases of ‘honour’ killing.

Four people, including two women, were gunned down in Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) late Sunday night, while two pedestrians caught in the line of fire were also injured.

Senior police official Jehangir Khan on Monday said armed men barged into a house and shot down two women over their alleged illicit relationships. Later, the same gunmen chased down the alleged paramours of the two women, Fidaullah and Ibadullah, killing them on the spot. Two pedestrians, Azeem Khan and Mehboob, were also injured in the shooting. The names of the women were not divulged.

“It is an incident of honour killing, and a case has been registered to this effect,” shared Jehangir Khan, adding two suspects have been arrested so far.

Meanwhile, in a remote village of Battagram, a couple was shot dead – also in the name of ‘honour’.

According to the police, 18-year-old Gul Khasta, of Parang village, was involved with Hanif and they would. reportedly meet in the neighbouring forest. On Sunday afternoon, the couple was spotted by Bibi’s brother Sartaj Khan, who opened fire on them, killing both on the spot.

The accused managed to escape, while no FIR has been registered against him as yet. The families of the deceased are said to have buried the bodies discreetly.

Police maintained they would register a case of the incident on their own after collecting evidence.

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