Honour killing: Man strangles wife to death

A man confessed to strangling his wife to death for allegedly having an extramarital affair in a remote village of Battagram district, police said on Friday.

Investigating officer SI Umarzada Khan of Pazang police station said Shabnam Bibi, 21, of Dirkad Cheeran village married Shah Nawaz three years ago. The couple had no children, which reportedly led to Nawaz and his family subjecting Shabnam to domestic violence.

Quoting the complainant, Shabnam’s father Gulraiz Khan, Umarzada said the accused was not happy with his wife. He added the couple had an uneasy relationship with Nazwaz accusing Shabnam of having an illicit relationship with a man from a neighbouring village.

On Thursday afternoon, when the other family members were out attending a wedding ceremony, the accused allegedly sedated Shabnam and then strangled her to death. The police later arrested Nawaz who confessed to the murder, saying he killed his wife over honour.

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