India Acid attack: Man may lose vision Jun 08

Bihar’s continuing social scourge of forced marriages after abduction, locally called “pakrau shaadi,” has reared its ugly head in a ghastly manner in a fresh incident in which villagers poured acid into the eyes of a young man for refusing to accept such a marriage forced on him a year ago.

Pawan Kumar, 18, lies on a bed at the Madhepura Sadar Hospital with his right eye bandaged after the acid attack, his distressed parents and relatives prayed for his vision to stay safe as the young man just passed his intermediate examination and wanted to study further.

The police were yet to arrest any of the five villagers who perpetrated the grievous attack, first by hitting his eyes with a knife and then pouring acid into them, on Thursday evening.

“The attack seems to have intended as a punishment for Kumar’s refusal to accept his allegedly forced marriage with a local girl. We are probing the case and trying to arrest the assailants, who are absconding,” said Madhepura SP Anand Kumar Singh.

Forced marriages still remain rampant in Bihar.

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