Killing with impunity: Four women, one man killed for ‘honour’

Multan: Five people were murdered in so-called honour killings and four were murdered over property on Saturday.

In Khanewal, a man killed his brother and sister-in-law, accusing the latter of having an extramarital affair.

Police said Amir shot Zubaida* and his brother when he tried to save her. Two cousins who were present at the time were also injured.

They were taken to Khanewal DHQ Hospital where doctors later said their condition was stable.

The police have arrested Amir in a raid.

In Multan, 28-year-old Omar Khalid shot his 23-year-old sister for honour. She died on the way to Nishtar Medical Hospital. Khalid is still at large.

In Rajanpur, a 31-year-old woman was shot and killed by her father.

Police said he also shot and injured his younger daughter and fled. He was later arrested and confessed to the shootings. In Cheechawatni, a man cut his wife’s throat after he accused her of having an affair. Ghaziabad police have arrested him and he confessed.

He told the police in a statement that he had a right to kill his wife because she had embarrassed him. Separately, in Cheechawatni, a man killed his older brother over a bag of fertiliser. Police said on Friday Zubair had bought a fertiliser bag from his younger brother Talha. On Saturday, Zubair refused to pay Talha for the bag. They said Talha shot him in retaliation. Kasowaal police arrested him.

In another incident, two cousins were killed over a property dispute that has gone on for 28 years. Police said some men shot four cousins while they were working in the fields. They said one of them died on the spot while another died at the hospital. They said the other two were in a critical condition.

In Sahiwal, a man was killed over a property dispute and two others were injured. Police said 32-year-old Saqib was shot thrice and died on the way to the hospital. Police said their family told them he had an inheritance dispute with some cousins.


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