Man murdered in Haryana, 2 held for ‘honour killing’

A 40-yaar-old man was brutally murdered by three persons of his village in a case of suspected honour killing in Bhiwani district of Haryana.

Two of the three accused — Praveen and his cousin Suprasidh — were arrested on Sunday. The third, Praveen’s father Jagat Singh, is missing.

During preliminary interrogation, the accused reportedly confessed to the crime. They told the police that Jai Bhagwan, the victim, had eloped with Praveen’s sister two years ago and they were on the lookout for him since then. Jai Bhagwan had been living and working in a village in Tamil Nadu. He returned to his village of Talu on Thursday and was murdered on Saturday.

The police found parts of Jai Bhagwan’s body from the village fields. “We have got the post-mortem examination conducted and handed over the body to the deceased’s family members. They cremated him last evening. Jagat Singh is the only accused remaining to be arrested. He shall be nabbed soon,” Sub-Inspector Om Prakash said.

Jai Bhagwan’s brother Anil reportedly witnessed the murder. According to Anil, Praveen, Jagat Singh and Suprasidh spotted Jai Bhagwan going towards the fields. “All three were carrying swords. I was at a distance. The moment they spotted him, they charged. I tried to help but could not do much as they charged at me as well,” Anil said.

The police said Jai Bhagwan was unmarried and had an affair with Jagat Singh’s daughter. Both were from the same Jat community. “When Jagat Singh and his family got to know of the affair, they threatened Jai Bhagwan with dire consequences. About two years ago, Jai Bhagwan eloped with Jagat Singh’s daughter and started living in Tamil Nadu. The accused, Praveen and Suprasidh, mentioned in their interrogation that they killed Jai Bhagwan because he violated same-gotra norms and eloped with their sister. The girl is yet to be located,” said Om Prakash, the investigating officer in the case.

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