‘No Honour in Any Killing, it’s Murder’

There is nothing honourable in honour killing. It is a cold blooded murder and social violence, said Justice K G Balakrishnan, Chairperson, National Human Rights Commission of India, speaking at a seminar on ‘Social Violence, A Challenge to Human Rights’,  here recently. “Education is not sufficient to bring about a change in people’s minds but reformation of society is needed,” he said.

Justice Balakrishnan also released a book titled Human Rights From the Dalit Perspective by Henry Thiagaraj, founder and convener of the Human Rights Education Movement of India and president of Voice and Dalit Forum. The book is a collection of articles on human rights for Dalits by 20 scholars.

“In this 21st century we still follow traditions of 18th century and discriminate people on the basis of caste. We need statesmen who can rise above petty politics of caste, race and religion in order to implement social justice,” said Thiagarajan.

Social activist Fathima Muzaffer, who was present, called all Dalits and minorities to work towards the path of development. “We are divided into nations and tribes to recognise each other. We have to mingle with each other and socialise in order to be empowered,” she added.

Experts from various fields like C Raajkumar of Central Board of Film Certification, psychiatrist R Mangala, senior advocate R Gandhi, Justice V Kanagaraj, former Judge, High Court of Madras, also attended the seminar and book release. Youngsters from the NGO Grassroots Community presented a cultural programme on the occasion.

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