“Violated Freedom” Shed Light on the Phenomenon of Women’s Honor Killing in Palestinian Society

Roles for Social Change Association (ADWAR) started the first performance of the play “Violated Freedom” within the activities of the “Social Pioneers working to Reduce the Phenomenon of killing women” project funded by the American Consulate. The chairman of the advisory board of ADWAR Association Dr. Yousef Abu Maria attended the opening of the play, with the presence of a large number of Hebron University students.

The play sheds the lights on how dangerous it would be if this phenomenon of women’s honor killing has spread in our Palestinian society and the negative effects it has on Palestinian family and society

Sahar Al-Kawasmah, ADWAR Association General Director, expressed the importance of this project and play in shedding the light on the women’s honor killing phenomenon, in hope to reduce or limit it.  She also indicated that this play is performed on the occasion of the International Month for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

AlKawasmeh also stressed on the necessity of law amendment to of new deterrent laws for those who commit such crimes.

Rawan Al-Amleh, the project coordinator in ADWAR association, stressed the importance of women’s rights in general and the right of living in specific. She pointed out that at the moment, a RAP song is being prepared to stress the right of living for women, which is expected to be performed next month with several women and civil associations in Hebron city.

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